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We Teach Classes: Fall is a great time to schedule a "Lost in the Woods" class. Help your children stay safe.

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We stand ready to assist... "So that others may live".


The SARTEC K-9 Unit: an all-volunteer unit based in Madison County, North Alabama.

SARTEC: Search And Rescue TEChnicians. Our members are highly trained Rescuers with K-9 partners. We are trained to work with Law Enforcement and Emergency Services organizations searching wilderness, urban area, water, and disaster areas for those that are missing.

While based in Madison County, we respond to any location outside this area at the request of the local, state, or federal authority.

In case of an Emergency where you are confronted with a situation involving a missing person you should contact responsible authorities immediately. The sooner an Emergency Services agency can call us and get a search started the better the chance of survival.

"SARTEC is a Proud Member of AARS, the Alabama Association of Rescue Squads."