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Policy and Procedure for Deployment of Search Dogs in the Field

It is the policy of the SARTEC K-9 Unit that members of the unit will not deploy to perform as a search dog team without following established procedures used by the Unit to assure the maximum support for its members.  Self-deployment, i.e. responding to an incident without proper authorization from a requesting agency is unprofessional and may lead to tragic consequences for the victim.  It is also a violation of SARTEC K-9 Unit policy and my lead to suspension or dismissal from the Unit.

The procedures for deployment of the SARTEC K-9 Unit are as follows:

(1).  A request for response must be transmitted to the SARTEC K-9 Unit and must come from an Agency (EMA, Sheriff’s Office, Police, Fire, Rescue Squad, etc).  A request for assistance by a private citizen must be made through the responding agency, and authorized by them.  Legally they are responsible for the operation – they must make the request.

(2).  The SARTEC K-9 Unit’s Operations staff will contact the requesting agency to ascertain the appropriate response by the Unit.  If it is a request to look for an armed subject, for example, the unit would most likely NOT respond.  If the request is appropriate, the SARTEC K-9 Unit Operations Personnel will dictate the response.

(3).  If the request for assistance is being made by a SARTEC K-9 Unit member, the request must still follow the above chain.  They, in conjunction with the SARTEC K-9 Unit member on site, will determine what and how the initial response will be handled.  The Unit can then deploy with better information having had a trained member on site to provide accurate information as to the conditions at the scene, and what is needed.

(4).  Nothing in the above policy should preclude the Unit or its members assisting in an emergency to the extent of their training and capabilities.  Offering our services to an agency who may be unaware of our capabilities is acceptable provided the response is authorized prior to the mission getting underway.  The purpose of this policy is to provide maximum support for teams in the field and to provide maximum legal coverage for the individual members of the SARTEC K-9 Unit.  By following the above procedures, both should be accomplished.

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