New Members

SARTEC members volunteer for service. Volunteers help family's by locating loved ones who are lost, and may be deceased.

Search and Rescue requires:

  • A serious long-term commitment. Many hours of training are required. And others will be counting on you.
  • 100% support from your family.
  • Volunteers to buy most of their own equipment. Sartec is a non-profit organization and cannot supply all equipment necessary.
  • Training in safety. Personal safety is top priority. You may find yourself in dangerous/risky situations.
  • Training in First Aid. A search may be a life-saving situation, the proper training is needed before responding to a search incident.
  • that "you" may have to deal with deceased subjects. Being able to deal with finding and helping to retrieve a deceased person is a must.
  • A positive attitude, being honest with yourself, confidence in your abilities, self-reliance, being able to evaluate your capabilities, the ability to accept constructive criticism.
  • Good health and physical conditioning. Search and rescue activities are physically demanding.
  • that you provide transportation for you and your canine partner. You may drive several hours to a search. On arrival you may find out the subject has been found, or you may not know when you will return home.
  • a high comfort level being outdoors, even at night. In this geographic region most searches are in "wilderness" areas, lots of woods, fields, rivers, and lakes. Search and rescue people encounter wildlife, including snakes, ticks, and spiders.
  • If you like the outdoors and are interested in volunteering, either as a K-9 handler or support personnel, please contact:

    Andrew Nicholas: 256-679-2575

    Shata Pace: 256-679-2839

    We do this to give back. Our satisfaction comes from helping families.