Lost in the Woods

The LOST in the WOODS Program ...

teaches children and adults to STAY  WARM and DRY while waiting to be FOUND!

We present to to all age groups, including schools, libraries, scouts, church groups, daycare, community groups, etc. The presentation is tailored to groups by age starting with second graders. Very young children, and people requiring constant care and attention (e.g. alzheimers) should attend with a guardian. At least one handler, with search dog, will help present the program. We bring more handlers for large groups. Attendees will meet and pet the dog(s). They will see a demonstration of how the dogs search and find people who are lost.

We cover “woods proofing” with little or no equipment and no fires. A typical presentation is an hour long, (but we will stay as long as necessary) and includes:

0. Before you start, Tell someone what time you start, where you are going, AND when you will be back.
1. When you know you are lost, STOP, Look around.
2. Choose a safe place in the immediate area to wait.
3. Stay put and stay together.
4. Make a mattress.
5. Keep warm.
6. Drink water, if you don't have water, get it.
7. Eat only what you brought.
8. Put out something bright for people to see.
9. Big waves and whistles, whoop and holler.
10. Fun things that keep your spirits up.

Time permitting we cover: Mall safety, boat dock safety, how dogs smell.

To schedule Lost in the Woods for your group call:
Ed Nicholas at 256-859-5550 or
Jim Procyk at 256-651-1409

Recommended for hiking, camping, or play near the woods.
3 Zip lock plastic bags (kit, water collector, food)
Whistle (no pea)
Trail mix or energy bars (will eat but not favorite)
Orange or White kitchen trash bag (rip open, make a bow or wet shield)
Hooded windbreaker (Nylon or similar thin)
(Optional fanny pack carries it all)


"SARTEC is a Proud Member of AARS, the Alabama Association of Rescue Squads."