• Whose woods these are I think I know, His house is in the village though,
  • He will not see me stopping here to run and hide and play in the snow.
  • The woods are scary dark and deep, it's getting late, its time to sleep.
  • I hope that someone soon finds me, I hope that someone soon finds me.

  • (adapted from the Robert Frost poem)


    No one plans on getting lost. They get lost because they are engrossed in other activities while their adventure carry's them into unfamiliar territory. When this happens it helps to know what to do.

    Teaching both children and adults what to do when they find themselves in unfamiliar territory is what the "LOST in the WOODS" program does.

    This program teaches children or adults how to take care of themselves if they become lost or separated while in a wilderness area.

    We also spend time letting people get familiar with our Teams. We take handlers, and their dogs, to scheduled functions in schools, churches, and service organizations. These functions are used to tell people how we search for and find people.

    "SARTEC is a Proud Member of AARS, the Alabama Association of Rescue Squads."